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It’s so easy to enjoy rewards from your favorite brands with Kellogg’s Family Rewards®. Here’s how the rewards and fun unfold:



codes Found on Packages with the Kellogg’s Family Rewards® logo. You’ll earn rewards just for enjoying your favorite cereals, crackers, cookies, snacks and frozen foods.

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codes to earn points, using our Desktop Site, Mobile Site or via SMS Text Message*. And to sweeten the deal, each time you enter a code, you could win FREE GROCERIES from Kellogg.**

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points and let the fun begin. Choose from exciting rewards, coupons, sweepstakes and special offers; or donate your Kellogg's Family Rewards® points to a featured charity or school.

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Where to find KFR codes

KFR codes can be found inside or on any specially marked package with the Kellogg’s Family Rewards® logo.

KFR products in cardboard boxes

For products that come in boxes or cardboard carriers – like cereals, toaster pastries, snacks, snack bars, shakes and frozen foods – look for a 16-digit code printed inside the box.

KFR cookie packages and granola pouches

For products that do not come in boxes – like some cookies – look for the 16-digit code printed on the outside of the package, along the bottom seam.

If you have trouble locating a code on a participating package, please Contact Us.

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