Pringles wavy

Introducing New Pringles®

Pringles® newest product innovation packs big flavor and big crunch
into one Wavy chip.


Bites of Your
Favorite Treats

Try new Rice Crispies Treats® Snap Crackle Poppers that are
bite-sized and dipped in a smooth, silky topping.

cheez it

New Cheez-It® Snap’d

Irrestibly cheesy,delightfully thin and crave-ably crispy!

Spoon up

Spoon Up a Tasty Routine

It's back-to-school time after the long holiday break!
Keep the smiles going with Kelloggs's® cereals as
your family eases back into its morning routine.


New Strawberry Krispies

Start the day with a delicious and natural strawberry flavor.