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Top FAQs and Tips

If you received a message indicating "To log in or register, you must allow cookies for the website," please note this message prompt comes from your browser settings not being set to accept cookies from our domain, meaning they are not compatible with our Website’s security settings.

Some helpful tips for browser and cookie needs

  1. Make sure cookies are enabled and third party cookies are not being blocked by your browser.

  2. Try different browsers. Chrome is the recommended browser for accessing and enjoying

To assist you with your settings, please check out the Helpful Tips for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (MacOS) and Safari (iOS).

Below are key troubleshooting tips for most website and log in errors.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are unsure about your Log In information, use the “Forgot Your Password” link before your account is temporarily locked.

  • Check your Junk Mail folder if the Reset email isn’t received within an hour.

  • Add “Kellogg’s Account Notification” ( as a trusted email.

Clear your cache and browser history

Web browsers often use a cache, or other storage system, to store secure content, speed up webpage uploads and increase your productivity online. This cache can sometimes become unusable and cause difficulties with your internet browsing.

To clear your cache, please refer to your browser's specific help documentation below

If your browser is not listed above, select "Help" from the menu bar and search for the topic "Clearing Cache" or "Clearing History."

Try a different browser

Many systems come with a preinstalled browser, however, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome listed above, are examples free for download. We have also found these two work best with our websites. All browser developers program slight differences into the software which makes having a backup browser a valuable tool on any system.

If you’re attempting to access our site using a mobile device, you may need to turn off the 'private browser' setting (also known as incognito mode) in order to fully interact with our mobile website.

Confirm software is up to date

Updating browsers and plug-ins like Java can help with browsing. Web pages are programmed primarily using three different languages:

  • HTML: defines the structure of documents

  • CSS: determines the way they look

  • JavaScript: is used to drive interactive features

Updating software can help with variances in these different languages and can have an impact on how a browser displays a page.

Try a different computer and network

Computers can have different settings that may impact browsing ability. Try to access the content from a different network if possible. You may find that the issue is the result of network settings and security firewalls.

Verification Code Tips

  • The new code is valid for 5 minutes after the email is sent.

  • Do not close the window or tab for the KFR page with the verification code entry box.

  • Open a new window or tab to login to your email to get the verification code.

  • Copy and paste the code from the email directly into the Verification Code box on the website.

  • Do not include any extra spaces before or after the code when entering the code.

  • Ensure that the email address shown in the notice is the email associated with your KFR account

  • To ensure you receive our emails going forward please do the following:
    - Add to your safe sender list with your email provider
    - Add to your safe sender list with your email provider
    - Add to your safe sender list with your email provider

We appreciate your participation in our promotions. If you continue to have technical difficulties after trying the above troubleshooting tips, please consult a home computer technical support professional for assistance.

Congrats! You've earned your monthly reward!

You can expect your physical reward items (like the OhSnap! tumbler) to arrive within 10 weeks.

  • You will receive an email when you place your order, as well as when your item ships.

You can expect your digital reward items (like the Barnes & Noble Gift Card) to arrive within 7 days.

  • You will receive an email when you place your order prior to receiving your reward email

Promotion item shipping:

You can expect your physical promotion item to arrive within 10 weeks.

  • You will receive an email when you place your order, as well as when your item ships.

You can expect your digital Promotion item to arrive within 7 days.


To change your account information, including changing your password, email address, or mailing address

  1. Log into your account (

  2. In the site navigation, go to More and click on My account in the drop down list

  1. Go to

  2. Click Forgot Password

  3. Enter email address and click Submit

  4. An email will be sent to that email address

  5. Follow the directions on the email

As a security measure, we limit the number of failed Log In attempts.

After three attempts to Log In with incorrect information, an alert will appear stating that one more failed attempt will temporarily lock your account.

If you receive the alert that your account will be locked, use the “Forgot Your Password” link to reset your password.

If you exceed the allowed number of failed attempts, your account will be temporarily locked. You will be directed to a screen with your next options; to either

  • To get help by Email or Chat, please mention keywords “Account Locked” when you Contact Us.

  • Reset your Password. Clicking the “Reset It” link will automatically send an email to the email address we have on record for your account. This email will contain a unique link for you to use to reset your password.

e-Gift Cards

To check the shipment status of a non-KFR items we encourage you to check your Order Status. Please keep in mind we need to allow up to 3 weeks from the date you mailed an order to us for the order to appear in our system

It takes up to 90 days for the processing, mailing and delivery of most promotional items.

  • Step 1: Redeem your KFR tokens for an eGift Card or a Digital Reward from our Monthly Rewards (If available).

  • Step 2: Receive your eGift Card number and PIN, as well as a link to the redemption website:

    • “Thank You for your Order!” page immediately after completing your order (Can take up to 7 business days)

    • “Your Order” confirmation email sent from Kellogg’s ( to your email address

  • Step 3: Follow the redemption directions included in the confirmation email.

If the eGift Card is associated with a retailer that has online and physical stores most will accept the eGift Card at both. Please reach out to that retailer with specific questions. Please check the information provided to you when ordering and receiving your eGift Card for specific details.

  • If using online: Contact the retailer through their website for further assistance.

  • If using in-store: Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager from the store for further assistance.

Please note that some of the eGift Cards we offer do have an expiration date. Please check the information provided to you when ordering and receiving your eGift Card for specific details.

Uploading Receipts

If you are trying to submit receipts, remember you can do so via email at or you can text receipts as well. Text the image of your receipt to 89332

We offer several convenient ways to submit your Receipts to earn tokens:

*PLEASE NOTE: Uploading receipts to KFR will provide tokens & sweepstakes entries only. If you would like to participate in any of our current offers please visit the promotional website indicated on your packaging to register and upload receipts. Uploading receipts to KFR will not provide promotional credits towards any current promotions.

  • Receipt images need to be clear

  • We need to see the entire receipt, in order, from top to bottom

  • The store name, store location, date of purchase, participating products, transaction ID (proof of purchase and total receipt amount must be visible

  • You may submit multiple images (sections) of a receipt if it is too long to fit in one picture

  • You can fold your receipt to show the participating products if you have a long receipt

  • File size (image size) cannot exceed 5MB

  • Ensure the participating products are visible in your picture

  • Receipts must be submitted within 30 days of purchase

  • You can submit up to 5 receipts per day

Want to know more? See our Upload Receipt page.

You can submit your online receipts to earn tokens!

What do I need?
Please submit the receipt from your Online Account Order History that includes the same important information needed for standard in-store receipts:

  • Store name

  • Purchase date (Not shipping or delivery date; we need the date the order was placed)

  • KFR product name(s)

  • Price(s)

NOTE: Many online retailers email you an abbreviated Order Summary receipt which does not include all of the necessary information we need to process your receipt upload. A copy of the full receipt and/or invoice from your Account Order History is needed (see examples below).

What do I do?
For most online retailers:

  1. Check the Account Order History section of your account at the online retailer’s website
    (please note some retailers may have a different name for their Order History section)

  2. Take a screenshot of your order or save as a PDF file

  3. Log in to (via desktop or mobile) and click "Upload Receipts"
    -or- Connect your mobile # to your KFR account and Text your receipt to 89332
    -or- Email your receipt to and include your KFR Account Number in your subject line

Retailer examples:
screenshot of amazon receipt instructions screenshot of walmart receipt instructions
Receipt Error (Code #) What To Do

- Error Code 1: Image didn’t include needed Info
- Error Code 2: Multiple Errors
- Error Code 3: No KFR Products
- Error Code 4: Illegible Receipt
- Error Code 5: Multiple Receipts

Recapture and resubmit image(s) of one receipt being sure to:
- Show entire receipt [all 4 corners]
- Make sure the Store Name, Store Location, participating products, Transaction ID (Proof Of Purchase) and receipt total is visible
- Star any KFR-participating products
- Lay receipt flat and in good lighting so each line can be easily read

*For longer receipts, use up to 5 images (sections) as needed. Fold or omit sections of the receipt that is not showing KFR participating products

- Error Code 6: Duplicate Receipt

Do not resubmit this receipt - it will be rejected
- KFR tokens will be added to your account based on a previously submitted receipt

- Error Code 8: Receipt is over 30 Days old

Do not resubmit this receipt - it will be rejected
- Retailer receipt must be uploaded within 30 days of purchase

*Note: "30 days" does not necessarily equal "a month" For example: January 1 to February 1 is 31 Days!

- Error Code 9: Over 3 Images submitted for 1 receipt

Recapture receipt within 5 images using these tips:
- Fold or omit section(s) of the receipt not showing KFR products
- Be sure the store name, KFR items, purchase date, price and bar code (if available) are legible in your image(s)

- Error Code 10: Daily Limit of 5 Receipts

Take a break!
- Nice Job, you’ve hit your limit!
- Try submitting receipts again tomorrow

- Error Code 11: Invalid Receipt
- Error Code 12: Invalid File Size
- Error Code 13: Invalid File Type

Recapture and resubmit image(s) being sure to:
- Submit images of one store receipt against a neutral background
- Submit images that do not exceed 5MB total size (including all images for one receipt)
- Use file type is .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .gif or .png file

- Error Code 14: Opt In
- Error Code 15: Confirm Text subscription
- Error Code 16: Didn’t Recognize #
- Error Code 17: Technical Difficulty

Text Subscription is required before you can send or receive texts with KFR:
- Ensure your account profile has a valid mobile #
- You must follow the Opt In instructions sent to your mobile device to be able to send and receive texts
- If errors continue please upload receipts using another method

Rewards and Coupons

Collect tokens:

  • Do 1 activity (quiz/survey/upload receipt), get 1 token.

  • Bonus tokens are offered for certain activities.

  • Get bonus tokens on your birthday, your Fam-iversary and just because!

  • Earn 1 entry for the monthly sweeps with each activity too.

  • Your tokens max out at 5 per month (when you can pick your monthly prize). But you can keep doing activities to rack up sweeps entries — they’re unlimited.

Redeem tokens:

  • Score 5 tokens in a month and pick a prize!

    • You have up until the 15th of the FOLLOWING month to redeem your tokens.

  • In the "Rewards" section at the top, you can find the 4 fun options to choose from.

  • Select "Choose Now" to pick your reward, then "Order It".

  • You will need to verify the mailing address where you would like your physical reward sent.

  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive a message that provides timing on when you expect your reward.

Instructions for participating in our promotions will be listed on-pack and/or at the promotion website.

Simply follow the instructions and have fun!

Be sure to review our Promotion Specific FAQs for more information!

Kellogg's Family Rewards® (KFR) members have access to printable coupons that can be used for your favorite Kellogg's® products and other brands. For the best experience, please use Google Chrome.

Log in to KFR and click "Coupons" at the bottom of the screen.

Click “Clip” on each coupon you wish to print.

After clipping the coupons of your choice, select "Print Coupons". You will be prompted to enter your mobile number (see screenshot below). Click "Send" and leave this window open.

A code will be sent to the mobile number. Enter the code where prompted and click "Send".

Note: If you do not have a mobile number, follow these instructions.

You are now able to print your clipped coupons. Happy shopping for your favorite Kellogg's® products!

For more coupon print related FAQs please read these coupon FAQs.
Go to to get additional help with printing coupons.

Jump in on the fun at Kellogg’s Family Rewards® and enjoy the best perks from your favorite brands. We’re here to fill your future with smile after smile.

First, you will need to enter the email address that you would like associated to your account. This is where your verification code emails, reward emails and all other KFR emails will be sent. You will also need to come up with a password that is 8 or more characters, with a mix of upper and lowercase letters and a number or special character.

Here, you will enter your name and gender.

We also will need your birthday. That way we can be sure to get your bonus tokens to you.

  • You must be at least 16 to be a part of the KFR program.

  • You must be at least 18 to participate in the KFR sweepstakes.

You may provide a mobile number you would like associated with your account. This will be the number you can text in receipts from.

You will then need to add your complete mailing address. That way, we know where to send all of your reward items.

Providing how many adults and children in your home will help customize the activities you see every month.

Also, here you will want to be sure to check the box for the Terms and Conditions. If you don't, your account won't be complete.

Once you've completed your profile, you're ready to join the fam!